UsIng Songs as AudIo MaterIals In TeachIng TurkIsh as a ForeIgn Language



The use of songs as audio materials in teaching Turkish as foreign language is an important part of language culture and has an important place in culture. Thus, the transfer of cultural aspects accelerates language learning process. In the light of this view, it becomes necessary to transfer cultural aspects into classroom environment in teaching Turkish as a foreign language. Songs are one of the instruments which provide students with the information related to target culture. In foreign language teaching, activities which are created by using songs contribute to the development of a lot of language skills from grammar to pronunciation. Therefore, these activities can be carried out in all classes ranging from very basic levels to advanced ones. Additionally, as widely known, music and melody have a positive impact in terms of reducing stress and anxiety. Considering the current literature, the use of activities involving songs in foreign language teaching has positive effects on students within their language learning process and further help them to be encouraged toward foreign language and culture. in this study, the place and the importance of songs as one of the tools to transfer culture and used in Turkish as a foreign language courses will be questioned, and sample activities will also be presented.