The objectives of this research were to1) develop the online courseware on Thai Food Good Health to support the Thai Kitchen to the world project; 2) evaluate the courseware by the learners toward the courseware integrated using in aboard. The research sample were sampling for chefs, Thai restaurant owners, and the students who were studying at the TAFE culinary school in Sydney.  The research instruments were a questionnaire to find out the needs and readiness to attend the online learning, and a questionnaire for the learners.  Courseware was designed and developed on website by applying the 5 steps model. Firstly, the synthesis of the research results done by the researcher team.  Secondly, organizing focus group of the experts in food and nutrition and public relation field discussion on the essential contents and courseware format which would be used to develop the lessons.  Thirdly, the survey of needs and readiness of the respondents. Fourthly designing the media in the courseware.  Fifth, testing the courseware at TAFE Northern Sydney College in Sydney, Australia.  The participants registered and studied from online courseware on website as well as the set of multimedia “Thai food good health distributed to the participants with the learner’s active participation in demonstration and practices. The research result found that the respondents were readiness to study online courseware.  They needed to learn as 1-2 weeks short course in the morning and evening. The topics they needed to learn were Thai food ways, Thai food  cooking techniques, Thai healthy food such as  Thai herb, fruit and vegetable, the characteristics of Thai food,  safety Thai food,   and basics knowledge of Thai food respectively. After learning online courseware, the learners’ opinion mostly showed that the lessons were totally good level.  In case of the contents and presentation of video, image, graphics, hyper media links in each pages, the usefulness and benefit of the lessons mostly showed in   very good level.