Application of interactive multimedia tools in teaching mathematics examples of lessons from geometry



This article presents the benefits and importance of using multimedia in the math classes by the selected examples of multimedia lessons from geometry (isometric transformations and regular polyhedra). The research included two groups of 50 first year students of the Faculty of the Architecture and the Faculty of Civil Construction Management. Each group was divided into two groups of 25 students, one of which had the traditional lectures, while the other one had the interactive multimedia lessons. The main source of information in multimedia lectures were the softwares created in Macromedia Flash, with the same definitions, theorems, examples and tasks as well as in traditional lectures but with emphasized visualization possibilities, animations, illustrations, etc. Both groups were tested after the lectures. In the both multimedia groups students showed better theoretical, practical and visual knowledge. Besides that, survey carried out at the end of the research clearly showed that students from multimedia groups were highly interested in this way of learning.