This paper considers the design and development of a Website for Biology in senior high schools in Indonesia. The teaching media, namely e-AV Biology, was developed with the main features of video lessons and other features in supporting the students' learning process. Some video lessons describe the production process of Biofuel or Renewable Energy on the field of Biotechnology Industrial, which is one of the subjects that students and teachers find it difficult to learn and explain. The process of it is very complex. It needs longer time. There is a need of aiding the explanation of biofuel production process in the classroom. One of the alternative aids to clarify this subject is e-AV Biology Website, so the atmosphere for learning Biology more attractive to students. This study examined the impact of e-AV Biology towards the concerned studentsí reception of knowledge and interest of high and low achievers. A total of 256 high school students participated in quasi-experiment of year 2011 with the intervention of two different ways of teaching, one with fully media instruction using e-AV Biology and another one the traditional manner of teaching.  The last part of this paper presents the evaluation of the impact of the teaching media, which indicates that studentsí knowledge reception and interest of high and low achievers were improved after using e-AV Biology, with special mention of the fact that their interest have shown an obvious improvement.