The first purpose of this study was to determine students’ opinions on blended learning and its implementation. The other purpose was to explore the students’ opinions on Facebook integration into blended learning environment. The participants of this study were 40 undergraduate students in their fourth semester of the program. Participants had no prior experience in Blended Learning Environment, but they were well informed about online distance education. A combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches was used in this study. Quantitative data were collected through a scale called as “Students' Views on the Use and Implementation of Blended Learning” and qualitative data were collected through open-ended questions. Based on the result of the study, it appears that students have quite positive opinions on blended learning and its implementation. The highest score given to face-to-face environment throughout the process of implementing blended learning.  However, students have also positive opinions on the blended learning method. The findings from this study indicate that Facebook may be an appropriate tool for communication and interaction whereas, the online environment may be appropriate for sharing content, homework / projects.