Our current university students, labeled as Generation Y or Millennials, are different from previous generations due to wide exposure to media. Being technologically savvy, they are accustomed to Internet for information and social media for socializing. In line with this current trend, teaching through computer mediated communication (CMC) is highly recommended at higher institutions as students learn by doing, relating  the discussion to real world issues,  and the use of current social media.  In this study, blog was employed in assessing students’ critiques in an Academic Communication II course at the Centre for General Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of using blog as CMC tool in encouraging students to read, analyze and information in argumentative texts critically. It also attempts to identify the challenges faced by students in using blog in completing the assigned critique task. An online survey was administered to gather feedback on the use of blog in the Critique evaluation of the course. The class instructor’s reflective notes were also analyzed. The findings revealed that blog has helped the participants namely in generating ideas, motivating participation and improving their critique. However, it was also discovered that participants encountered some challenges especially technical glitches.