Identify the Motivational Factors to Affect the Higher Education Students to Learn Using Technology



The purpose of this study is twofold. Firstly, engineering studentsí motivation in using technology for learning in one of Hong Kong universities is investigated. Secondly, new research model about studentsí perception in using technology for learning is developed. Survey was employed and the questionnaires were distributed to targeted university under study. 211 questionnaires were collected. The major findings of this study are that (i) Confidence was positively related to Relevance; (ii) Satisfaction was positively related to Confidence; (iii) Relevance was positively correlated with Satisfaction; (iv) Interest is positively related to Relevance; (v) Perceived personal ability is positively associated with Confidence; (vi) Confidence is positively associated with perseverance; (vii)  Confidence, is negatively associated with anxiety; and (viii) Satisfaction is positively associated with social influence.