The Effect of Corpus-based Activities on Verb-Noun Collocations in EFL Classes



This current study sought to reveal the impacts of corpus-based activities on verb-noun collocation learning in EFL classes. This study was carried out on two groups experimental and control groups- each of which consists of 15 students. The students were preparatory class students at School of Foreign Languages, Osmaniye Korkut Ata University. Before the treatment, a pretest was administered to both groups. The results of the pre-test demonstrated that there was not significant difference between the control and the experimental group. Throughout the study, the experimental group was taught verb-noun collocation through corpus-based materials taken from COCA, and the control group was taught through a conventional method. The results demonstrated that there is a statistically significant difference between experimental and control group in terms of the type of treatment, which signifies that corpus-based activities has a significant impact on verb-noun collocations in EFL classes.