Seamless Support: Technology Enhanced Learning in Open Distance Learning at NWU



Frantic attempts of investing in technology to demonstrate willingness to educate for the knowledge society may result in failure to address the real requirements. This paper presents the main features of a framework for integrating Technology Enhanced Learning in Open Distance Learning at North-West University, South Africa. Support towards building trust to attempt using technology, exposure to technology and promoting accomplishment is presented as a focus in the framework. Large numbers of practising teachers improving their qualifications through distance learning are not yet using electronic learning technologies. To overcome the digital divide in developing contexts requires responsible planning, commitment and empowerment on the part of university management in conjunction with pre-emptive support in response to changing people-centred requirements through continuous feedback. The one-sided nature of top-down interventions on the part of the university contrasts with necessary unobtrusive pre-emptive support as a result of requirements identified through bottom-up feedback. The framework emerged from an adapted design-based research approach of design cycles to identify aspects to include in the framework on how to address a satisfactory attempt. Support to enable living and learning using technology is required to shift teacher-students and faculty with declared intentions to use technology to progress towards adoption.