Developing a Teaching Model Using an Online Collaboration Approach for a Digital Technique Practical Work



This research is aimed to produce a teaching model and its supporting instruments using a collaboration approach for a digital technique practical work attended by higher education students. The model is found to be flexible and relatively low cost. Through this research, feasibility and learning impact of the model will be determined. The model has been tested by some experts of learning multimedia, digital engineering, e-learning and instructional design, and analyzed using a Delphi technique. The model was also tested by 10 instructors and 25 students of the Electrical Engineering Department. The perception of the subjects was then analyzed using a percentage method.  The determination of learning impact was done using a different average score. From the results obtained, the developed model:  (1) could be implemented with more flexible and low cost to support the practical work in higher education;  (2) has a positive impact on the learning, i.e. it can improve significant studentsí learning achievement; and (3) shows good perception from the subjects.