The Role and Use of E-Materials in Vocational Education and Training: The Case of Slovenia




In the paper some issues and problems regarding the implementation of ICT in initial vocational education and training in Slovenia are discussed. After the brief analysis of the main theoretical characteristics of ICT and e-materials, the key findings from the recent EU survey on the ICT in schools are presented and some conclusions on the basis of the results of the ICILS study are drawn.


In the second part of the article, some of the most relevant findings from the empirical research conducted on the representative sample of Slovenian secondary VET teachers and students are summarized and interpreted.


We have asked teachers and students how often do they use offline and online available e-materials in teaching and learning and how do they evaluate their usefulness. While being quite critical towards the usefulness of available e-materials, the vast majority of teachers and students also claim that they use e-materials quite rarely. The reasons for such results should be further explored, compared with relevant statistical data in the national as well as international context, and appropriate systemic measures should be introduced.