Review of the Technology-Utilization Level of String Instrument Teachers


The purpose of this study is to determine the technology-utilization level of Fine Arts High School string instrument teachers. A pattern based on descriptive method has been used to conduct the researchers. Research data has been collected via literature review and questionnaire developed and prepared by the researcher. SPSS program has been utilized for processing the data. As a result of the analysis carried out in the research, this paper concludes that string instrument teachers make use of computers at the intermediate level and have adequate knowledge on its area of utilization in the Internet and music, and benefit from the Internet in instrument courses as well. The paper also concludes that in the classes the technology-utilization level of viola teachers is the highest; cello and contrabass teachers rather make their students watch videos while viola teachers mostly make use of tuning programs. Moreover, string instrument teachers commented that video camera recording can be used for beginner level instrument courses but that there were not adequate resources to teach viola as the technological advancement in Turkish Music is not enough. One of the string instrument teachers also stated that technology-utilization is not necessary for instrument training. Taking these findings into account, the paper offers some views and suggestions in order to respond to today’s requirements and to guide instrument training course in this direction.