Ms Power Point vs Prezi in Higher Education



The teachers use different presentation tools in Higher Education to make the presentation enjoyable for the students. I used MS Power Point or Prezi in my presentations in two different groups of the freshmen students at the University. The aim of this research was an analysis of the paper results in two groups of students to reveal the influence of the used presentation tool on the paper results of the students. The students have to write two papers in a semester to show how well they have learned the learning material. I used Prezi in the first group and MS Power Point in the second group before the first test and MS Power Point in the two groups before the second test. My starting hypothesis was that the group where I used the Prezi as a presentation tool would achieve better results in the papers. After the evaluation of the first paper results the correctness of the original presumption seemed to be proved. Significance level was 5% through the analysis. It was found significant divergence in the knowledge of the students. The students could get half mark better paper results when they followed the flash based Prezi presentation. I evaluated the second paper results too, before I used same presentation tool (MS Power Point) and I did not find difference in the paper results of the students in this case. Consequently, the use of the Prezi as a presentation tool is productive; the students get better results when writing papers.