Qzone Weblog for Critical Peer Feedback to Improve Business English Writing: A Case of Chinese Undergraduates



This study explores Qzone weblog for critical peer feedback (CPF) in Business English writing (BEW) among the Chinese undergraduates. A qualitative case study is conducted by Nvivo 8 to analyze the three research data of semi-structured interviews, BEW writing assignments, and CPF artifacts on Qzone weblog. Three research questions are focused to study the case participantsí perception of this study, the strength and weakness of Qzone for critical peer feedback, and online features of Qzone affecting critical peer feedback in Business English writing. The study aims to explore how Qzone weblog affect critical peer feedback in the online environment. The findings indicate that Qzone is a suitable type of weblog for online critical peer feedback, especially, for the Chinese undergraduates. The strength and online features of Qzone are models by Nvivo 8 for description by figures. The six aspects of strength and five online features are coded by Nvivo 8. The only weakness of Qzone is the character number limitation for each blog and feedback. The conclusion of this study will be implied for the use of Qzone weblog and other kinds of weblog for online peer feedback in English writing.