Establishing a Framework on OER Practices for ICT Competence of Disabled Citizens



The research encapsulates the framework on potential contributions of OER practices for supporting the ICT  competence for disabled adult learners in building equal opportunities within the society. The study underlined the developing OER policy and framework to focus on digital citizenship competency for disabled adult learners. OER practices can promote the construction of digital societies which disabled citizens also need ICT and digital literacy to access, social inclusion, and participation. Significantly, developing OER policy in the area of vocational and professional knowledge promotes fostering ICT competence in order to enhance the quality of access and participation. Although the researches and projects are highlighted on OER practices and policies, this study become a debate on establishing OER practice and framework for supporting ICT competence and digital literacy for disabled learners. The study covers documentary analysis on real practices and research projects in developing country for creating a framework upon the needs of expectations and needs of disabled citizens to create access, social inclusion, participation to society and education for the collaboration. Further to this, this study encapsulates the evaluation of higher education institutions upon this scope.