Even in E-Learning is Important to Do Your Own Notes!



In the last decade is e-learning a standard part of the educational process at all types of schools - primary, secondary and high schools. When use e-learning can be achieved significant savings not only in terms of time as well as operating costs. However, e-learning is also often criticized. This is mainly due to direct absence of teachers. This is mainly due to direct absence of teachers (lack contact with him).  This fact brings with it a range of following these problems, such as long response times in asking a question or impossibility to consult on specific issues. E-learning brings with it other, often - hidden problems, that in the traditional way of teaching we do not perceive. Since from year 2009 we try at to Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra create modules for LMS Moodle, which could help students in organizing way of teaching process (module Interactive Element Stat, Module Emotion Recognition and others). The aim of the creation of modules is to support adaptivity in Moodle. Nowadays for the support of teaching process we designed and created module with a name Notes. The aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of creating their own notes in Moodle. The basic function of the newly created solution is to add comments to the study materials including highlighting text. The module allows users to edit notes, created and printed them together with study materials.