The Effect of Online Learning Environment Based on Caricature Animation Used in Science and Technology Course on the Success and Attitude of the Student for Humor



The purpose in this study is to examine the effect of "Online Learning Environment based of Caricature Animation" which is prepared for "Human and Environment" and "Sun and Space" units in the secondary school 7th Grade Science and Technology course, on the success and attitude of the students for humor. The participants consist of 7th grade students who take Science and Technology course and study in Kırşehir State Secondary School. Online learning environment has two sub-level according to the situation of existence or nonexistence of caricature animation. The implementation stage is actualized with the participation of 46 students; 23 students in experiment group and 23 students in control group. Success test and attitude scale is used for both groups before and after the implementation. At the end of the study, it is observed that the successes of the students studying in online learning environment with caricature animation are higher in significant level than the students studying in online learning environment without caricature animations.