The Evaluation of the Cognitive Learning Process of the Renewed Bloom Taxonomy Using a Web Based Expert System



The aim of this study is to develop the Web Based Expert System (WBES) which provides analyses and reports based on the cognitive processes of Renewed Bloom Taxonomy (RBT), and to put forward the impact of the supportive education provided in line with these reports, on the academic achievement and mastery learning state of the students. The study was carried out in a quantitative method, and pre-test, post-test matching control group model of semi-experimental designs have been used. A total of 50 students which are in 8th grade and also participate in supportive education have been selected (25 as the experimental group, 25 as control group) using the purposive sampling method. The experimental group has been given supportive education based on WBES system and the control group has been given the traditional supportive education. According to the conducted independent groups t-test and descriptive analysis, it's been found out that the method based on WBES is more effective than the traditional methods both in academic achievement rate and also mastery learning.