Obstacles Perceived by Physical Education Teachers to Integrating ICT



Teachers find difficulties and barriers about integrating technology in the physical education classroom. Therefore, the aim of this study is to analyse the perception of PE teachers regarding obstacles to integrating ICT and its relation with their age. The methodology followed was quantitative and descriptive in nature. The participants were 400 secondary education PE teachers. A face-to-face standardised interview was used through EFYTICS questionnaire.  Results of the study showed that the most frequently perceived obstacles were: loss of time spent on physical activity, lack of resources, investment in time and training, unsuitable use, lack of knowledge, and technical problems. By age, these same obstacles were perceived, but in a different order. Improvement actions should be established so as to better integrate ICT, mainly to deal with those obstacles that are more greatly perceived by teachers, in order to use ICT in an educational way in the classroom and to take advantage of all of the benefits they offer to the subject.