Pre-service Teachers’ Perception of Quick Response (QR) Code integration in Classroom Activities



Quick Response (QR) codes have been discussed in the literature as adding value to teaching and learning. Despite their potential in education, more research is needed to inform practice and advance knowledge in this field. This paper investigated the integration of the QR code in classroom activities and the perceptions of the integration by pre-service teachers. Forty-four pre-service teachers enrolled on an undergraduate degree at a higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates took part in the study. Data were collected from a questionnaire, student journals and focus group interviews to enable triangulation. The main results suggested that the pre-service teachers perceived the use of QR codes to be easy and useful in learning activities. They also demonstrated positive attitudes towards the QR codes and stated the intention to use this application in their future career. The study provided practical examples of how QR codes can be integrated in teaching. It also revealed certain challenges that could hinder effective integration of QR code applications in the classroom. Recommendations for practice and future research are discussed.