Effects of Multimedia Task-Based Teaching and Learning Approach on EFL Learnersí Accuracy, Fluency and Complexity of Oral Production



Albeit Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) has been extensively researched, there appears to be limited studies that focus on the effects of multimedia technology (MT) enhanced TBLT approach on EFL development. A study was conducted to examine the effects of a MT imbued TBLT, i.e. Multimedia Task-Based Teaching and Learning (MMTBLT) approach on EFL oral production. The Content Management System, a free web-based software program, was used as a platform to create the MMTBLT environment, where various instructional and supplementary materials and hyperlinks to other relevant web pages were incorporated to create a causal link between the real world language use and an EFL learning environment. Online lessons comprised tasks that were structured cluster of ideas to enable students to construct their own knowledge for oral production. Three broad thematic tasks, with four tasks at varying levels of complexity for each theme were carried out as treatment tasks. Upon completion of tasks under each theme, students carried out oral test tasks that were audio recorded for analysis. As a result of performing tasks of varying levels of complexity within a web-based multimedia platform setting, studentsí accuracy, fluency and complexity of oral EFL production improved significantly. Favourable outcomes suggest that EFL instructors could consider the MMTBLT approach and design web-based syllabus to complement language teaching.