Academic and Social Media Practices of Arabic Language among Malaysian Students



Nowadays, more and more countries are paying attention to graduates language skill and sending their students abroad to learn languages. As an Islamic country, Malaysia has sent many students to learn Arabic language and Islamic knowledge. This paper aims at examining the level of practice of Arabic language among Malaysian students in Jordanian universities. The study seeks to answer the following questions: What is the level of practice of Arabic language (academic, social media) among Malaysian students of Jordanian universities? Do any significant differences exist in the level of Arabic language practiced by Malaysian students of Jordanian universities in relation to certain variables? Results indicate that the Malaysian students had a medium level of practice of Arabic language. Significant differences were observed among gender, marital status, and field of study variables, whereas no significant difference was identified among university, level of study, distance of residence to the university, previous school, housemate qualities, nor CGPA.