Flipped Learning for ESL Writing in a Sudanese School



Sudanese students seem to lack proficiency in writing English. In addition, teachers continue to use traditional, teacher-centered methods in teaching English as a second language (ESL). The flipped learning (FL) approach where video lectures are assigned as online homework before class, followed by learning activities during class, might be able to address the issue of the lack of proficiency in writing. A module for teaching English paragraph-writing using FL for Sudanese students in Secondary Year 1 was developed. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of this module on studentsí writing proficiency and their satisfaction with the module. An exploratory-implementation study was conducted with 28 student volunteers in two groups, in which only one group used the module. The analysis of data collected from tests, focus group interviews and online interactions indicated that there was improvement in the studentsí writing proficiency, and satisfaction, based on their engagement and interaction, with the module. In future, further studies can be done to determine if the module which used the FL approach, could be implemented on a larger scale in Sudan, and extended for other topics in ESL in other countries.