The Impact of Assistive Technology on Down Syndrome Students in Kingdom of Bahrain



Assistive Technology is playing an enabler role in the life of Dawn Syndrome. Assistive Technology can allow Down Syndrome to engage in the normal life activities and be more social and independent. The Arab countries are providing vital effort on facilitating the life of Dawn Syndrome and encouraging their engagement in normal social life. However, there is a lack in utilizing Assistive Technology in supporting such segment of people in these countries. The main aim of the current research is to investigate the current situation regarding the adoption of AT in the teaching and learning processes of Down Syndrome students in inclusion schools and rehabilitation centers in Kingdom of Bahrain. In addition, the impacts of AT in enhancing the independence, performance and social interaction of Down Syndrome students were examined. To achieve these objectives, two different questionnaires were administered to a non-random sample of teachers or specialists and families of Down Syndromeat Kingdom of Bahrain.  In general the results show that the adoption of AT in teaching and learning of Down Syndrome students can enable them to be more social and independent person.  AT can enhance the Down Syndrome communication which in turn can improve their independence, social interaction, and performance. However, to perceived the greatest and sustainable advantage on using AT,there is still a need for enhancing the capabilities and skills of the teachers/specialists and families to be able to adopt the AT for getting the best results. The research outcomes address several recommendations to enhance the educational process for the Down Syndrome students and other disabled people in Kingdom of Bahrain. Moreover, the study has a vital contribution to the theoretical literature and knowledge by building new model for examining the impact of AT on the Down Syndrome which is rarely develop by previous literature. In addition, it has developed new measurements which can be adopted in further studies in the same field.