Development of Computer-Based Experiment Set on Simple Harmonic Motion of Mass on Springs



The development of computer-based experiment set has become necessary in teaching physics in schools so that students can learn from their real experiences. The purpose of this study is to create and to develop the computer-based experiment set on simple harmonic motion of mass on springs for teaching and learning physics. The average period of oscillation, the displacement-time, the velocity-time and the acceleration-time are relevant to the theory.  Based on Constructivism Approach, 96 upper secondary students were tested on this computer-based experiment set. The satisfaction of the samples to their learning activities is at a high level and their pre-test and post-test scores are 9.22 and 73.80 % respectively. With the developed experiment set, learners will have an easier way to study the simple harmonic motion of a hanging mass on spring and an easier way to measure the position of an oscillating mass as a function of time. Thus, learners would get their physics concept more precisely and more quickly than ever. Learners’ laboratory skills are promoted both inside and outside classrooms.  Physics teachers are able to construct experiment sets on their own with low cost, and this experiment set will certainly benefit their physics teaching.