ICT Integration in Turkey: Evaluation of English Language E-Content of the FATİH Project




A nationwide technology integration movement, FATİH Project, was initiated by Ministry of National Education. FATİH Project whose main objective is to provide equal opportunities to the learners during compulsory education is made up of many components: Hardware supply, procurement of software and e-content, infrastructure set up, and teacher training. The research to date has tended to focus on hardware and equipment supplied rather than e-content and software. The present study examines the crucial role of English language e-content in the context of macro technology integration project. Document analysis was used to describe the main characteristics of the e-content prepared for upper secondary schools English language courses. In addition, semi-structured interviews were employed to investigate the perceptions of the shareholders about the impact of the e-content on teaching English and to gain a detailed understanding of the e-content. The findings indicated that the nature of English language e-content on EBA is not manageable, flexible, and interactive. The study suggests that a rich and efficient online language learning repository should be provided to the language learners and teachers.