Managing Digital Learning Environments: Student Teachers’ Perception on the Social Networking Services Use in Writing Courses in Teacher Education




Limited studies have been conducted to examine how effective and what impacts dealing with students' learning experiences as well as the problems faced by the students. This study focused on English student teachers' experiences on the advantages and problems faced in using Social Networking Services (SNS) in English as Foreign Language (EFL) writing courses which is a part of larger research involving the use of SNS in two state universities in Jambi. This research was conducted in ten classes of two Indonesian universities for one year. This qualitative research involved a total of 6 focus group discussions with 60 students. Prior to focus group discussion, demographic questionnaires were distributed to know general information of all participants in relation to the use of SNS. A thematic analysis revealed general background of the participants in relation to the use of SNS, advantages of SNS use in writing courses, problems faced of the SNS use. The findings contribute to current understanding about how English student teachers experience using SNS. Based on the findings, this research offers policy recommendation to expand the use of SNS in EFL courses.