The Early Literacy at Preschool Education: The Book or the E-Book?



Educational technology is commonly used. The use of technology at preschool education has an important role with a lot of effective methods so that children can learn. Preschool teachers use the technology to support children’s development. Early literacy skills have gained more importance especially in the recent years. As a result, the use of technology has been necessary to develop early literacy skills. Based on dialog, interactive book reading is an important activity to give children the opportunity for them to develop their early literacy skills.  It was found in the previous studies, that the literacy skills of the children; for whom reading books based on dialogue by teachers or families, were at a better level. In this study, the previous studies related to E-book interactive book reading are gathered and it aims to introduce based on dialogue E-book to families and teachers and makes some proposals to support the early literacy skills through based on dialogue E-book. Besides, by studying the related literature, developing early skills to reading E-book or reading book were compared and the results were argued.