Methods to Efficiently Achieve High-Quality Teaching of Accounting at the University A Teaching Innovation Evaluation



Teaching of accounting is specific due to its frequently updated content, because Czech legal regulations significantly change annually, either because of the legislative or harmonization modifications, hence there is a need to constantly seek new ways to ensure a good quality of teaching in the efficient education process.  The paper is based on the description of activities carried out within the innovation of accounting courses, it presents the results of the survey examining the views of graduates from the accounting courses on the quality of their teaching and evaluates the efficiency of teaching of accounting courses compared to the original solution. The analytical part of the paper confirms all three defined hypotheses: having implemented the innovation, the authors have found that students evaluated the teaching of accounting as the above-average one; a statistically significant correlation between the evaluation of teaching quality and the evaluation of e-learning materials has been proved, and the vast majority of benefits resulting from the implemented innovation led to an increase in efficiency, whether by saving on time, financial resources or by making the user environment more pleasant.