Should We Add History of Science to Provide Nature of Science into Vietnamese Biology Textbook: A Case of Evolution and Genetics Teaching?



History of science (HOS) plays a substantial role in the enhancement of rooted understanding in science teaching and learning. HOS of evolution and genetics has not been included in Vietnamese biology textbooks. This study aims to investigate the necessity of introducing evolution and genetics HOS into Vietnamese textbooks. A case study approach integrating both quantitative and qualitative methods were employed. Of total 87 high school teachers, 68.5% were female. The percentage of biology teachers agreed to add HOS of evolution and genetics into the textbooks was 85.1%. The most common reason (73.0%) for agreement was to develop an active classroom in teaching and learning issues related to evolution and genetics. There were 14.9% of teachers did not agree to add HOS of evolution and genetics into textbooks, with the main reason that teachers must spend more time preparing and teaching evolution and genetics. Most of the teachers agreed to add more details about how the scientists state the research questions and research hypotheses into biology textbooks. Introducing HOS of evolution and genetics into Vietnamese biology textbook is necessary for biology teaching and learning in high school.