Atom Core Interactive Electronic Book to Develop Self Efficacy and Critical Thinking Skills



The purpose of this research is to develop interactive atomic electronic school book (IESB) to cultivate critical thinking skills and confidence of  students grade 12. The method used in this research was the ADDIE (Analyze Design Development Implementation Evaluation) development procedure which is limited to the test phase of product design expert. The need analyze data is collected from students in Lampung Province Indonesia using questionnaires. Electronic book design tested by experts in the field of physics education. Data were analyzed quantitatively and descriptively. Based on the results of the questionnaire 65,2% of the students said that they need the IESB which contains an interactive question exercise with feedback for exam exercises and preparing for admission to the university. The current book has not given self efficacy to 83,9% of students. Expertial test results show that the IESB will be able to cultivate self efficacy and critical thinking skills is an interactive digital format with experimental simulation, interactive question on HOTS level with feed back, and hyperlink to other learning resources.