Designing Optical Spreadsheets-Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Simulation (S-Tpack): A Case Study of Pre-Service Teachers Course



In the 21st century, the competence of instructional technological design is important for pre-service physics teachers. This case study described the pre-service physics teachers' design of optical spreadsheet simulation and evaluated teaching and learning the task in the classroom. The case study chose three of thirty pre-service teacher's course at Yogyakarta State University. A bonded system explored basic knowledge and integration ability of the pre-service teacher. In addition, peers assessed the simulated performance of pre-service teachers by using Spreadsheet-Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (S-TPACK). Pre-service teachers transform the topic into a unique spreadsheet simulation. One of them designed with high complexity, but the others are not. However, they demonstrated different the intensity and integrity of teaching strategies, the depth of optical topics, and interactive spreadsheets. In the future, the design of instructional technology will need to pay attention to the basic knowledge of TPACK, problem-solving, and self-efficacy.