Developing an Online Learning Media Using Smartphone for the Electrical Machinery Course



This research is aimed to prepare a desktop-based learning media that can be used to support an online lab activities using android smartphones in Electrical Machinery Course at the Department of Electrical Engineering for the undergraduate level. This work uses a conceptual development model which integrates some sub systems of  internet connection support, desktop computer, smartphones, induction motor application based on Matlab, and remote access application. Product testing was conducted through the online practical work activities involve 19 students of Electrical Engineering as research subjects. The productís performance in the presentation and instructional aspects was determined based on the research subject's perception, while the learning impact was  determined using the portfolio assessment. The results showed that the research subjects give a positive perception of 81% and 82.2% for presentation and instructional aspects, respectively. This is indicating the product was easy to operate, interactive, informative, flexible, motivating, intriguing, and provide comfort to operate.The product implementation as an online lab activity media has also a positive learning impact, indicated by the mastery learning score of the students reached 84%. This product improves the performance of an existing induction motor simulator, which previously reported can only run offline and through this research it can be run online via smartphone.