Using Technology for Formative Assessment to Improve Studentsí Learning



One way that technology can be a considerable support in teaching and learning is by improving the ability to offer formative assessment of the learnersí skills and knowledge during the teaching and instructional process. Providing immediate feedback during the formative assessment process, with the aim of improving studentsí performance, is very crucial in learning and teaching. This study investigates the effectiveness of using the classroom response system Plickers, which is a technology based formative assessment tool, in improving studentsí learning. A descriptive mixed method design was implemented in this study. A questionnaire was used to collect data from 166 students in Bahrain Teachers College, University of Bahrain. The findings revealed that students believe in the importance of formative assessment and receiving immediate feedback which is supported by the use of Plickers. Moreover, the findings showed that using Plickers for formative assessment aid the learning process as it improves studentsí participation; saves the learning time, guarantees equal participation opportunities, and creates fun and exciting learning environment. The findings also encourage instructors to integrate technology tools such as Plickers in their classrooms to help them assess the effectiveness of their teaching and their studentsí learning.