An Exploratory Study of the Factors Affecting the Perceived Usability of Algerian Educational Websites



Nowadays universities pay considerable attention to the use of websites to enhance the education process through the delivery of important information. The general aim of a website is to attract more target users. However, a poor website leads to fewer visits, less efficiency and less satisfaction from users. The present study explores the effects of four key factors including system usefulness, interface quality, content and satisfaction of users on the perceived usability of Algerian educational websites. A total of 200 students were tasked with four interaction tasks and subsequently asked to complete a usability questionnaire, consisting of 19 usability questions. Results indicate that the website usability perceptions amongst university website users are significantly affected by all four factors. In particular, website usefulness, information quality, interface quality and overall satisfaction all require more attention for the design of effective Arabic educational websites. Improvements to speed of Internet, structure of the website and quality of website contents were also advised.