Exploring Teachers Perspectives towards Using Gamification Techniques in Online Learning



Teachers are the disseminators of information and hence important in promoting the success of innovations such as gamified learning management systems. While studies have revealed that students have a positive perception of the use of gamification in online learning (Boeker et al., 2013; Buckley & Doyle, 2014; Nevin et al., 2013; Urh et al., 2015; Woo, 2014), there are few studies conducted from the teachers’ perspectives. It is necessary to have research that shows the perception of teachers regarding the incorporation of gamification to enhance knowledge through online platforms with unique features. The purpose of this study was to explore teachers’ perspectives toward the use of gamification techniques in online learning. The study used an exploratory research design. It collected data from forty-seven (47) in-service and pre-service teacher, who were involved in a graduate instructional technology program. A three section survey guided by a five-point Likert scale was used to collect information. The average percentage for each survey section was used in the data analysis. The results of the study indicated a positive perception toward the use of gamification tools in online learning among in-service and pre-service teachers together with online course design features. Some teachers felt that gamification affected students negatively. Limitations of the study are outlined, which dictate that further research is required.