Mobile Electronic Performance Support System as a Learning and Performance Solution: A Qualitative Study Examining Usage, Performance, and Attitudes



Advanced technology innovations have contributed to the development of learning and performance solutions in both traditional and mobile workplaces. This study observed the use of the proprietary Global Positioning System (GPS) developed by Phonenav as a performance improvement solution in a mobile workplace. Thus, the study investigated the use of data assisted GPS as a performance improvement solution for delivering live instructions in a work environment, and attempted to understand its impact on users’ work performances and attitudes to technology. A cross-sectional qualitative study , supported by multiple data sources, was employed. The findings of this study revealed that the use of mobile EPSS  resulted in an increased work performance and work efficiency of its users. This study contributes to the field of Human Performance Technology, by facilitating an understanding of the impact of mobile EPSSs on workplace performance. It provides a useful resource for professionals and researchers in the field of Educational Technology interested in exploring the use of mobile technology for instruction delivery in mobile workplaces.