Development of E-Module  Based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) on Heat and Temperature to Improve Studentís Science Process Skill




This study aims to develop an electronic module based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) as an implementation of information and communication technology in learning media for students of class XI-Science which tested by the validity and feasibility test in order to improve studentís science process skill. The method in this research used research and development (R & D) with ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation). The e-module was developed with five stages according to PBL which are: organizing problems, learning task, investigation, result development, analysis and evaluation. The developed e-module was validated in material aspect about heat and temperature subject by the material experts and gained score of 82.20%, the validation in media aspects by the media experts gained score of 75.78%, and the average score of the whole aspects by the learning experts was 94.36%, while the results of experiments at school by educators and students obtained scores of 86.31% and 80.78%, these scores mean that the e-module was categorized as very good. Based on the pre-test and post-test of studentsí science process skill with this e-module, the calculation of n-gain test was 0.6 which means  moderate category.