Effectiveness of Learning Method Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL) for Increasing Learning Outcomes of Entrepreneurship Education



Entrepreneur is a process or a way to conduct a business that aims to obtain the expected results or profits by producing, selling or renting a product of goods or services. In college, entrepreneurship courses are given to equip the students so that after they graduate they can entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship courses are still not effective because the learning process that took place is not optimal. This is because the method of learning used by lecturers is just a lecture. One of the learning models that can be used to achieve these three competencies is the Contextual Teaching Learning model. If someone has done the act of learning it will be seen a change in one or several aspects of the behavior. What is meant is the result of entrepreneurship learning is a manifestation of the ability achieved, controlled or owned by the individual in this case the student after receiving an entrepreneurial learning experience and the results can be knowledge, understanding and application of concepts, calculation of problem solving based on the subject.