Curriculum Development Competencies of Form Teacher Candidates



It can be stated that education plays a critical role at shaping the future of the nation. Designed curriculum and teachers as a developers and practitioners of the curriculum are accepted as a major drivers to increase the quality of the education. From this perspective, classroom teachers should have necessary competencies to develop curriculum. The current study aims to examine 222 participants in context of curriculum development  competencies  in the third and fourth forms who are studying in form teacher program at Cyprus International University (CIU), Near East University (NEU), European University of Lefke (EUL) and lastly Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU). The current study employed the scale which proposed by Duman (2006) to investigate curriculum development skills of the participants. The data which collected from participants was analyzed through SPSS. Moreover, it could be expressed that curriculum development competencies of the participants was tested by appointing arithmetic mean analysis and  Independent Samples T test and One Way Anova Analysis were employed to investigate statistical differences among participants in context of curriculum development competencies with the light of (p<0,05).  Study revealed that gender, class  and university in which  participants are studying were found statistically significant  in context of curriculum development competencies. Moreover study recommended to revize the releated cources which would increase the competencies of participants thus would be helpful to overcome their incompetencies particularly on preparing the course plans with the light of multi-course theory, capability to use different methods and techniques to increase the capacities of the students at the highest level,  diversifying the teaching-learning process by  considering  individual differences of the students,  capability of organizing learning sphere by considering  different preliminary experiences. Study also advised to increase sample size and conduct TUKEY analysis for obtaining more accurate results.