The Use of Expert Systems in Individualized Online Exams



With the Expert Examination System developed within the scope of this study, questions can be prepared in accordance with the measurement and evaluation criteria in education, which helps measure the studentsí actual knowledge levels effectively. It is possible to create exam forms by using these questions. The developed Special Examination System records the data of the student and the student's interaction with the system and determines the questions to be used to measure the knowledge level of the student and the order of the system in accordance with the information obtained from the student. In addition, what has also been taken into consideration in the development of this system is that it can be developed according to the needs and student characteristics, and that it can be adapted to the current situation The aim of this study is to develop an individual exam module where the questions are categorized according to cognitive levels, item difficulty and item discrimination are calculated automatically and difficulty levels are adjusted according to the situation of answering the questions of the person during the examination in both classroom and online environments.