Investigation on motivation of online reading: A Case study preparatory year students



 Our knowledge of online reading motivation behavior is primarily based on limited data. The aim of the research was consequently to scrutinize studentsí motivation behavior toward online reading act. Therefore, this research employed a mixed method approach to satisfy the objectives of the study. Thus, data collection tools from previous research were carefully selected and modified to suit the purpose of the study. Respondents included in this study were randomly selected from the population under examination, the students of PYP at Majmaah University. The studentsí responses were keyed WARPPLS software. In respect to qualitative data, five students were interviewed to obtain their responses to online reading motivation behavior. The main result was students and their colleagues have a different opinion about online reading. In line with results of the questionnaire, studentsí interviews revealed that they are motivated to read online for different purposes such as reading for exam, pleasure or discovering new things. These results offer an overwhelming understanding of the notion of online reading motivation and broaden our knowledge of the factors that might affect studentsí motivation while reading online.