New Approach at Evaluating the Private Schools’ Curriculum: I-CODE Model*



This research is designed to develop the I-CODE model, which is a unique approach to evaluate curricula. Basic features of the model, design process, code of practice, feasibility and functionality were investigated.

It was concluded in accordance with the first sub-objective of the study that the model has features such us having a subjectivist and utilitarian philosophy; relativist and consumerist ideology, a design which is consumer-oriented and participant-oriented; externally-directed regarding the types of evaluation; and making informal, input, process, output, impact evaluation and inspired by Goal Free, Consumer-Oriented, Responsive curriculum evaluation models. 
In the design process of I-CODE model, analyses of the needs of the consumers were made through an interview and these analyses was supported by literature review and curriculum evaluation questions of the model were determined. Accordingly, curriculum evaluation website belonging to I-CODE model was designed and has been put into practice as a pilot project for the evaluation of private schools. The process to develop the I-CODE model continued through feedback from the pilot project and expert perspectives.
Implementation principles of the I-CODE model have been clarified through interviews and literature review. This model is based on parents’ and students’ evaluation of the curricula through becoming a member of website. All private schools in Turkey can be displayed on the system. The evaluation is carried out by the consumers by scoring ten questions out of ten about the school's curriculum. After each beneficiary evaluation, the score is being updated. Furthermore, the general and sub-statistics of the school's curriculum can be displayed separately and continuously. 
In accordance with the second sub-objective of the research, it was concluded that this model is need-oriented, functional and useful at curriculum evaluation. The model, while being practicable from an educational point of view, needs to be sensitive to legal aspects.