School Attachment and Video Game Addiction of Adolescents with Divorced vs. Married Parents



As in all societies, one of the central issues in our society is the adolescents' problems and psychological conditions. Even children with a soft temperament may have their adolescence as troubled and problematic. Especially if the parents of these adolescents are divorced, this process is experienced as a more difficult and problematic process for adolescents. In this process, the academic process is experienced and there are problems in the field of school attachment. One of the central problems of today is Video Game Addiction. This problematic situation in children and adults has become a more central problem for adolescents. Many parents mention that adolescents have withdrawn themselves in the social environment, that their academic success has declined and that they have Video Game Addiction. Especially the divorced parents stated that their adolescents had problems in this area. For this reason, this study aimed to examine the areas of school attachment and Video Game Addiction of adolescents with divorced parents or with married parents. Descriptive screening method was used in the study. The study group was attended by 209 high school and secondary school students receiving education in İstanbul in 2018as 102of them were the adolescents with divorced parents and 107 of them were the adolescents whose parents are not divorced. At the end of the study, the levels of school attachment and gaming addiction of the general adolescents do not change according to whether the parents of the adolescents are divorced or their parents are married. In terms of gaming addiction, when the results were analyzed according to gender, it was determined that boys' gaming addiction scores were higher than girls. Adolescents' internet usage time increased to 5 hours and more, game addicts increased as a result. When the levels of Video Game Addiction of the adolescents with divorced parents are examined, it is concluded that Video Game Addiction varies according to gender and that men have higher level of Video Game Addiction than girls.