Perceptions of School Principals Working at Science and Social Sciences High Schools on the Characteristics of Innovative Teachers



A school principal's perceptions of the definition of innovation in education, the teacherís role in providing innovation in the classroom, and the willingness to adapt to meet the needs of the modern student are important in the professional development of teachers. Teachers have a major role in educating future generations and principals are critical for it's implementation. As a result of scientific and technological advancements, society and students' needs differ. Teachers who will respond to these differences also need to have new approaches to teaching. In this context, research on the attitude of school principals toward the importance of teacher innovation is critical. The aim of this research is to determine the views of school principals working in the science and social sciences high schools towards innovation, innovative teachers, and practices of innovative teachers. School principals' views often vary on what is required to have a productive innovative classroom. A school principal's support and encouragement of teachers implementing innovative strategies in the classroom is essential. School principals have identified that teachers who follow the innovative approaches, are open to innovation, information technology, learning, development and collaboration. School principals expressed different views on the relationship between the teacher training at the university and the applications of innovative practices in the classroom.