Problem-Based Learning Modules with Socio-Scientific Issues Topics to Closing the Gap in Argumentation Skills



Problem-Based Learning (PBL) modules based on the topic of socio-scientific issues are behaved to be effective to improve argumentation skills. This aim of the research was to look at the effectiveness of PBL modules on the topic of socio-scientific issues, in order to empower argumentation skills for students with high and low achievements. Method was used the 2x2 factorial design. Samples of this research were participants of the twelfth-grade students of senior high schools in Surakarta. Cluster of random sampling technique was used to determine the samples, and the samples were divided into two groups, namely the control group using conventional modules and the experimental group using PBL modules. Each sample group was divided into two groups base on high and low achievements. The instrument used to obtain the data on argumentation skills was an essay test. The results showed that the application of PBL-based modules is more effective in improving students' argumentation skills than conventional modules and the PBL-based module can minimize the gap in argumentation skills in students with high and low academic achievements.