Attitudes and Opinions of Turks in Germany towards the Western Europe Course Program



Western Europe Course Program (BAP) for various reasons, our compatriots living in Western European countries, in Turkey or complete their education when they were abandoned in Germany and programs are enabling a move to a higher education level. An inclusive education cannot be provided to our citizens living in these countries because the social structure is multicultural. With this study, it was aimed to determine the attitudes of BAP students living in Germany, a Western European country, towards BAP and to determine whether there is a significant relationship between their attitudes towards the German education system and their attitudes towards BAP. Screening model was used in the research and qualitative and quantitative research methods were included together. The sample of the study consists of 200 BAP high school students selected by cluster sampling method. In this context, an attitude scale and a semi-structured focus group interview form were developed by the researcher. ANOVA was used for one-way analysis of variance for data analysis. As a result of the research, it was observed that student attitudes differ significantly in favor of female students and there was a significant relationship between students' attitudes towards the German education system and their attitudes.