Relationship between Teachers’ Attitudes towards Technology Use in Education and Autonomy Behaviors



With the advances in science and technology, the use of technology in education continues to become widespread. This situation also increases importance of studies on teachers' attitudes towards the use of technology in education. The present study aimed to examine the relationship between teacher attitudes concerning technology use in education and autonomy behaviors. Analyzes were carried out with the data collected from a total of 440 teachers. According to the analysis results, teacher attitudes concerning technology use in teaching do not change according to gender and school type, but according to their education level. While the autonomy behaviors of teachers do not vary in relation to their gender and education level, it differs according to the type of school they work. The attitudes of teachers regarding technology use in teaching and autonomy behaviors do not differ according to their professional seniority. According to the order of importance, the teacher's teaching process autonomy and professional communication autonomy behaviors significantly predict their attitudes regarding technology use in education. These two variables together explain 30% of teachers' attitudes toward technology use in education.