Student Opinions on the Use of Geogebra Software in Mathematics Teaching



Mathematics as a discipline requires abstract operations under many sub-learning areas is considered hard by students to learn. In this respect, it has become indispensable to make mathematics teaching processes fun and to structure teaching procedures by using different teaching methods, techniques or materials. In this context, the purpose of the study is to determine the teachers' views of 7th grade students about the use of geogebra on lines and angles. The case study approach and focus group interview method were used in the study. In this context, 14 students studying in the city of Ankara were taught within the framework of the activities on lines and angles and carried  practice out. At the end of these practices, a focus group meeting was held with the students, and the data provided from these interviews were expressed with sample sentences. In this regard, 3 activities were developed by the researcher for each of the two different acquisitions under the sub-learning area relating to the teaching of lines and angles. According to the results of the research, it was concluded that geogebra makes mathematics learning processes fun and enjoyable, helps students in concretizing abstract concepts often found in mathematics, and that students with low computer literacy have hardship in applying geogebra activities.