The Determination of Teachers' Motivation Based on Herzberg’s Motivatýon Theory



Motivation initiates, maintains and directs spiritual and physical activity of individuals. It is important to determine the motivation of teachers who play important role in education and technology usage. The purpose of this study is to use the motivational scale to measure the motivation of teachers working in Zonguldak city of Turkey. The the cross-sectional survey design is used in the study. The motivation scale adopted from the components of the Herzberg’s motivation theory was used in the study for data collection. 463 teachers working in Zonguldak city of Turkey completed the scale and became the sample of the study. The findings of the study showed that the motivation of teachers in Zonguldak city of Turkey is high. It is also found that the motivation level of female teachers is higher than that of male teachers. Moreover the motivation of teachers does not change based on the school type, the type of school that teachers graduated from and the school level teachers work for. In future studies, the motivation of teachers working in other cities of Turkey should be investigated. The data of the study was obtained from the responses of the participants to the scales. In future studies, motivation of teachers should be examined using the qualitative data obtained through interviews and observations.